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on bd. ship "Ivanhoe''==

rounding the N. Foreland. blowing
stiff. steamer a long way astern.
Can see the feilds shorn on shore.
Shorthening sail now & hauling on
the wind. Anchored in Margate
about 6. a boat sailing
party passed under the Stern.
Mrs. R. Mrs. W. the Capt. I & the
children all sitting talking with
the town of Margate in sight
turned in between 9 & 10

Tuesday August 2nd. 1859.

Got under weigh about 7
this Mg. Woke by the men
singing up the Anchor
more cheerily than usual. Steamer
took us in tow we moved along
very slowly passed the
goodwin sands a great number
of Col[l]iers about Ships at
Ball Practice of[f] Sheerness
entered London River about 2

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