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[Page written from back to front of book]

Oh! Proudly they swagger the poorbeeas' know
That their chance it will soon come again
So they cheerily follow their officers now
And will quietly murder them then

[scored line]

The Sun has arisen it glares on the road
Now trod by the treacherous crew.
The [underscored: Niggers'] are winking at Govt. thinking
That Pandies can ever be true

[scored line]

They chuckle and sing its a very good thing
Like us to be fathful & true
For we'll wait till we're able our vengeance to [written below: take]
And Kill with impunity too.

[scored line]

Our Arms we have got which our Bhiabunds [written below: have not]
Then Bum. Bum Bum Wafadar
Our officers shooting & bungalows looting
We'll shew em what Pandies we are.

&ce &ce &ce


[Illegible signature?]

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