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with Annie Greig & Mary & Jamie
assistance going up
Hill. "The Skedadler" "Brown
& Alexr. Allen" independent
excursionists. G.B. & Soda Water
at top Old Johnstons Cellar in
the rocks. returned by Hills
to St Anthony's John A very
attentive to Cousin M.K.H. (jealous)
Went to Holyrood visited Queen
Mary's Apartments, Old Chapel
&ce. Mrs I & Annie Greig leaving
previously. Walked back by
way of Canongate Saw (Dr. As.)
youth) parted at South Bridge.
returned to Portobello.

Augt. 7th. went to Edinr by
coach about 11 o.cl. Met Ritchie
at foot of Bridge walked
with him to P.O. & back to

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