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most of
her life in this spot. She was now about
17 lovely as the early dawn & what
is more important, she was good as well
as beautiful she was unsophisticated
& artless. [scored through: From] In Boyhood Albert
King was only happy when he was beside
the sprightly little girl. Albert having
gone to Edinburgh to study [scored through: they became]
[scored through: separated] & Jessie having gone to
Ireland to live with a relation they
were thus parted. Albert returned from
College with a mind well stored & as
handsome an exterior as one could wish
to look on Jessie too shortly after
returned from Ireland. When they
met she received him with all the
Cordiality of her nature pleasure sparkling
in her eyes to see her old the friend [scored through: of her girlhood]
grown such a handsome young man.
& he was also pleased to find the
little Jessie Duncan [scored through: Beautif] grown
a beautiful girl & in all the open

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