Galveston having come in with
troops from New Orleans they will take passage on her.
There are some deaths in the eastern
Regiment of Mounted Volunteers
One of the Tennessee Volunteers at Brazos died
yesterday and was buried with honors
of war at the point.

Friday July 24th 1846
Today the Eastern Regiment of
Mounted Men Marched for Mata
on account of sickness in camp
we expect to March in a few days for
Mier by way of Camargo.
We have commenced drilling on horse
back. Mr Howard of our mess acting
as drill officer he being a Graduate
of west point. The Suttler of our Regim
ent has moved into camp and is selling
goods very fast and at a large
profit He credits the volunteers on
the faith of their wages so he will get
a large amount of the pay.
Thursday July 30th 1846

This morning we have had a
Regimental drill in which we form for
march various evolutions and
charging by companies
Our charging was amusing. Horses
trying to run away hats flying and

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