H d Qrs: Valley MD:
8 Sept 1861
Genl John B. Floyd
Command Army of Kanawha

Have reports that have reached me by Citizens of
Webster Co. I have thought it [failible?] that the enemys
force you mention at Suttonsville is being increased with
a view of making a Sudden blow at you. It is said
that five regiments have moved toward that point.
Your position seems to be an inviting one for such a move
ment. I hope you are well informed of the enemys forces
[failable?] intentions & unless sufficiently [shone?] would recommend
[?ing] the {?]
With great respect your obtservt
RE Lee
Genl Commd

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San Jac Descendant

John B Floyd was the 31st Governor of Virginia, and in 1857 became Secretary of War under President James Buchanan. His resignation as secretary of war, on December 29, 1860, was precipitated by the refusal of Buchanan to order Major Robert Anderson to abandon Fort Sumter, which eventually led to the start of the Civil War.

San Jac Descendant

The Army of Kanawha referred to Confederate units in the vital Kanawha River valley of western Virginia, early in the American Civil War. General John B. Floyd was the second to command the unit, and was a native of the Kanawah Valley.

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