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London Aprill the 1st 93


Wee have an account from
Chipping Mallet in Sommerset Shire
that there has lately happened such a
Storm of Wind and hail accompanyed
with Flakes of fire that some fancifull
people beleived theWorld would have had
its Desollucion

There is such Visible demon
stracion of the Intended Discent that allready
the Minnions of Warr begin to be shipped
off at the Tower the Gates at booth ends
being shutt up to prevent the troublesom
Crowd from hindering that operacions There
are 500 Guners & Montrosses ordered to be
taken anew into that service & taught the
Art of Gunery

Wee have Advice from the West
Indies that the Norwich ffriggatt about 3
Months agoe was driven out of St. Christophers
by aViolent storm & has not been since
heard off

The Duke of Ormond haveing a
disposicion to surrender his Command and
recall his baggage from going to
fflanders upon an Intercourse with the
Heer Overkirk and his Grace has reversed
his Intentions & went yesterday with the
King for Holland

I am Assured that his Maiestie
has been pleased to Confer the Government

of which the Coast is full they watching for the Return of the Spanish
shipps -- The Lord Mayor in Coniunction with the
Aldermen and Common Councill design to make an
order in Nature of an Act of Parliment to suppress all Haukers
and Pedlers with in this Citty and the Libertyes which may be

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Lucio Alvarez

Montrosses - Obsolete form of matross - (historical) In the British service, a gunner or a gunner's mate; one of the soldiers in a train of artillery, who assisted the gunners in loading, firing, and sponging the guns.

Lucio Alvarez

Heer Overkirk- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_de_Nassau,_Lord_Overkirk