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of the Isle of Wight on the Late Admirall

On Thursday Night Six
HIghway Men were seized in St Gileses
and Committed to Newgate

Yesterday about 11 a Clock their
Maiesties came from Kensinton to Whitehall
& Imediately without as Much as going
up staier went over the [teates] in her
Barge to Lambeth where they took Coach
to Gravesend from whence the King went
directly to Chatham makeing that in
his way to Embarque for Holland after
haveing seen the Shipping & her Maiestie
in the Eavening returned to Kensinton

Edenburgh the 25th: ultima Yesterday
a Gentleman: who lately came from ffrance
where he had been with the Lord Wigton was
Examined before the Kings Advocate
and afterwards remanded to Prisson with
orders to be Closely confined - one Mesnam
and his Son are brought hither Prisoners for drinking
the Late King Jameses health and the Lord ffrazier
will be tryed speedily for the Like Crime
and wishing Confusion to their present Maiestie
for which he is now a prissoner in the Castle

My Last Left the Councill Sitting at
Kensinton where was a heareing between
the present East India Company & Owners of the
two Interlopers the William & Mary & the Seamor
the former endevoureing to Obstruct the
going to sea of the said Interlopers and
there was such Language given as was not

or Curse to Light upon the Prince & Princes of Orenge as they term them The
Spanish Merchants. had Letters. by way of fflanders from Cadiz which Say that the
Happy returne Merchant Man with 2 others were Cast away coming from Allicant
Mallaga &c on the 2d of Last Month ; and that the Vallentine Hopewell
and another Commanded by one Tyler were near taken by the ffrench Priuateers

usuall to a King; the Owners alledging that
they had his Maiesties Letters of Mart & protection
for that. Seamen & Said they would not haue
been at that Charge if they had not been
told bthat his Maiestie had Assured they should not
be Stopped & they expected that the Lord President
Should see they have Justice don them The
East India Company in opposition to them signifyed
how Iniurious the Sailing to India would be
to their Trade & detrementall to the Company
for that they would misenforme the Indian People
with whom they have Concluded aPeace of
the present State of their Concerns and
in answer to wha they alledged
as to their Charge the Company offered
to Reimburse the Monney they Laid out
and send the Shipps to India at their
own proper Charge bu after along
heareing the Matter was Left to be agreed
among themselves which the Interlopers
took be in prejudice of them as beleiving
the Affaier will not be Compromised
by their Company

On Thursday Night his Maiestie
was pleased to Declare Mr Ward of the
Exchequer Attorney Gennerall whereapon
Sir Thomas. Trevor begged his Maiesties Leave
to Surrender his place of Solyscitor Gennerall
But the King bid him Consider of it --

yesterday Secretary Trenchard Settled all the Clerks in his Office & instead of Mr Poultrey
chose Mr Vernon to be under secretary with Mr Bridgman - A Great many
Warrants are gon abroad. to take up divers Intregieing persons Conserned with Mr Hamelton
now in Custody the discovery being Made by his Papers among them is found aNew
Littergy wherein they pray directly for King: Iames and his Consort with a kind of Execracion

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