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commence housekeeping for ourselves in April next. Mother will
divide her time between sisters house and ours and will make the
decline of her life pass as pleasantly and comfortably as possible.
I see sister mary every few days. she is quite well except her eyes
which have been very sore nearly all of the past summer. her
husband and two of the children have also had very sore eyes.
Williams eyes I do not think will ever get entirely well again.
Their children are all well. her oldest daughter is almost
grown and their oldest son (william) is quite a large boy. They
have a good school near them and they have every advantage
that they could have in your country to get good educations.
We have good schools, churches and excellent society here and
there is not so much difference between this country and yours
as you might so much imagine It is warm pleasent weather
here now and I suppose in your country there is deep snow on
the ground. Our farmers are planting corn and every body
is [marling?] garden which I realy think is pleasenter than
to be freezing in a cold country, but then you have one pleasure
which we have not. you can enjoy yourselves sleighriding.
I was in New York City last summer but was on verry urgent
business buying goods and was delayed in New York so long
that I could not get to Michigan. My Partner, Mr [Sleage?]
is going next summer but I promise you the very next time
I go to come and see you all ?? us sending our love to you and
James and all of your friends and our acqaitences in
Pontiac. My wife Mary is leaning on my shoulder and sais my
love to Sister Jane. I will write again soon
Your Affectonate Brother Edwin S Buck

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