Status: Incomplete

much of the note as you have
prepared, and is now in your hands,
- I have determined to ask you
to enclose to me the Manuscript
of that portion of the note in your
hands, that I may deliver it to Dr.
Cloud, and that I may see it, & be
able to sustain you provided any part
of it should be lost in the [?] hands,
The [ ? ] [ ? ] of the former
printers induces me to suggest
this course -- It is due to Dr Cloud,
However, to say; that there is no partic-
ular reason for apprehending any
difficulty of this sort with him.

When it is set up, I must beg you
to come to Montgomery & correct the proof
sheets, & examine the other part of
the work, & do the best you can with
it -- I hope you can spare a week
from your labors at the University
to attend to this matter -- Of course
you will be allowed [ ? ] pay
for doing so -- To send the whole
matter to Tuscaloosa will be attend
with much delay, & some danger
of loss or injury to the work -- I hope
if you will be able to consent to this

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