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Of course we do not know exactly how we stand - probably little
or nothing more than the house will remain when all is settled
but the Lord will provide - Ben Charleston Oct 16th - 1856
left us last Friday to finish the term in College, then expects to return
& find employment here so as to remain with

My dear dear Sister,

This Isee by the above date, is
the anniversary of our beloved Mother's removal to a better
world & now I am called to write about the departure
to that same bright happy glorious home, of him who
was nearer & dearer still the beloved partner of my joys
& sorrows - with whom for thirty years I have loved as I
never loved another & with whom for twenty seven years
In so much peace & harmony & love I have journeyed through
this vale of tears. I fear you have been very anxious to hear
again, since the first sad tidings reached you, have been
anxious to hear how your poor widowed stricken sister has been
supported, under such a crushing blow; & you ought to have
heard, but the poor children have had as much as they
could do, to write to each member of the family, to
prepare their mourning for the last Sabbath, receive the
sympathizing calls of friends, besides their other [word torn away]
Ben being compelled to return to his duties [word torn away]
-ter a fortnight absence, the boys, [words torn away]
Father's will were left exeuctors [words torn away]
obliged to qualify last [with?] & l[words torn away]
so as to put them in a train [words torn away]

[written crosswise on page:]
us. Bagele Edward expects to remain until his return. [?]
sten has returned but is at the island & I have not
seen him. The fever now seems to be decreasing
I hope you will be able to come now I long to see
you. I thought your feasting that morning was
very tender & had misgivings myself about your
meeting again on earth. Much love to All
& [?] for his Aunt Saint Uncle Bagile
loved him very much. I hope he will [early?]
lose the [Savior?] & meet him in heaven. Write
soon to

Your deeply affected sister


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