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After our harty commendations; whearaswee have given order to the Sheref of
the county of Suffolke to deliver certaine prisoners into your hands, who weare
by our order comytted for their obstinacy in refusing to come to the churche in tyme of
sermons and common prayers, thes shalbe to require you to receave them into your
chardge and fourthwith to commytt them to such of her Ma:ties gaoles within that
saide county as shall seeme good unto the L. Bishop of Norwiche by whose
direction they shalbe delivered unto you, ther to remayne in cloase prison untill
suche time as you shalbe otherwise directed from us. And so wee bid you
hartely farewell From whitehall the xxiiith of Februar: 1578

[in a later hand: Recusants]

your loving freends

[W Burghley] E.Lyncoly: T Sussex

R Leycester

F. Knollys

chr: Hatton [F:] Walsyngham Tho: Wylson

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