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ffor deyntee þat he had of him he lete him sone bringe
Bifor þe prince of englonde : athelstone þe king
þe king for him made ioie ynough: and grannted al his bone
of þat he wolde prie him : if it were to done
þan pried he him of an abbey : þat he was in forthe broght
In þe toun of Glastenbury : þat he warned him it noght
þe king him graunted his bone on one : and after him also
Edmund þe king þat was his broþir : when it was in his power do
To Glastenbury went sone : þis goed man seint Dunstone
þe bothe kinges had gyuen him leue : Emond and athelstone
Of þe hous of Glastenbury : a greet ordynour he was
and made myche of her good rule : þat neuer er ainouge hem nas
þat hous was first bigonne : foure hundirth ȝeere bifore
and three and fifty also : er seint Dunstone were bore
ffor þere was ordre of monkes : er seint patrik come
and er seint austyn to englonde: broght cristendome
and seint patrik dyed: foure hundirth and tuoo and fifty ȝeere
after þat sure suete ladi : oure lord crist on erthe bere
But no monkes þer were first : but as in hidyng ichone
as men þat drue to wildirnes : for drede of goddes sone
Seint Dunstone and Seint Athelwolde [...] oure lord bisaye
Ordeyned were preestes : bothe on o day
þer aftir sone to Glastenbury : seint Dunstone wende
abbot he was made þere : his lyf and þe hous to amende
and for he nolde bi his wille : in no tyme ydel be
a privy smythi bi his celle : he gan him bisee
ffor when him must of his orisons : rest for werynes
To werke he wolde his hondes do : to flee al ydelnes
serue he wolde pore men [...] he might dure
al day for þe loue of [...] of them none hyre
and when he [...] his hondes were at þe dede
and his [...] mouthe bad his hede
so þat at [...] stedes
his hondes þere · his [...] his mouth to bid his bedes
þerfore þe fiends to [...] greet onde
on a tyme he come to his [...] lone him to fonde
Right as þe sonne went [...] he a woman were
and spake to him of his [...] with laghing chere
and seide she had greet werke : wat him for to done
triflyng she spake here and þere : and in a noþir tale sone
þis holi man had greet wondir : þat she was so here and þere :

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