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and sate and bithoght him who it were : and his hert on one him bere
when he had buthoght him who it was : he druwe forthe his tonge
and leide it in þe hote fyre : and spake faire with hir longe
Til þe toonge were al on fyre : and sith stille ynough
þe deuyl he caught bi þe nose : and ful fast to him drough
he tuynged and shoke hir bi þe nose : and þe fyre out blast
þe deuyl wrigged here and þere : but euer he hielde fast
she ȝalle and lept and drue ageyn : and made reuful chere
she nolde for al hir wynnyng : þat she had comen þere
with his toonge he stroke hir nose. and tuynged euer sore
Til it was witinne nyght : þat he might se no more
þe shrewe was glad ynough : when she was out of his honde
and fley and cried in þe eyre : þat men harde thorou þe londe
Out what hath þe talwe do : what hath þis oalwe do
thorou al þe cuntree men harde : hou þe shrewe cried so
as goed þe shrewe had ben : bileft at home to snyte his nose
but he hyed þidir no more : to tille him of þe pope
Þis holi man seint Dunstone : had þan greet power
wit h þe king Edmond þat was þer : and was his counseler
aftir þe king Edmondes dee[...] a good while þer was gone
þat Edwyn his son was made king : and noght aftir on one
Þis Edwyn had euyl reed : and þer aftir [...] he drough
wit seint Dunstone he was wroeth : and hated him ynough
of his abbey he did him out : and did him shame with wough
But þe more shame þat men did him : þe more þe goed man lo[...]gh
he droue him out of englonde : and [...] him crie fleme
þis goed man went forthe [...] he no geeme
To þe abbey of seint amaund[...] he drough
and soiourned þere longe · and [...]
aftir þe king Edwynes deeth . [...] broþir
was þan made kinge : for he was [...]
ful good man he bicome : and loues [...]
and aftir him þat him þerto [...]
men tolde him of Seint Dunstone : þat [...] of londe
al wth unright for his goednes[...]
and aftir him he sent sone [...]
to be his counseler wth him : [...]
Seint Dunstone come home ageyn. [...] was undir songe
and had his abbey al in pees . fro [...] had ben longe
with þe king he was long : al his priuy counseler :

· xly·
de sancto Dunstanis.}


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