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his fadir and his modir : in þe ioie of heuen on hye
aftir þei were deed : ful openly þere he sye
Greet loue oure lord him kidde : when he him shewed þere
so myche of his priuyte : þe while he on lyue were
as he lay a noþir tyme : in his rest bi nyght
he sye þe ioie of heuen : and þe place þer inne ful light
Aungels also he harde synge : a myry songe þer inne
þat men synge in holi chirche : when þe messe doeth bigynne
Kirieleyson . christeleyson : þat was þe myry songe
þat þis holi man harde : him thoght it no thing longe
wele aught he cum to heuen : at his endyng day
when he bi his lyue : so myche of heuen saye
herpyng he loued wele : and couthe þer on ynough
a day as he sate in his solace : a myri lay on his harpe he drough
þe harpe he hanged on þe walle : when it was tyme to ete
and al redy was þer to broght : he sate doum to þe mete
and bigan to thenk of heuen : and of þe ioie þat was þere
and þe blisse þat amonge halwes is : þat þere þan were
þe harpe him self bigan to syn [...] a myry steuen ywis
þat men synge in holi chirche : [...] englisshe it is þis
alle halwen soules be glad : þa[...]n heuen be do
þat suyd oure lordes weye : an[...]had[...] her blode for him also
ffor his suete loue : þerfore þ[...]ha[...] wone
and knyghtes be withoutten ende : with [...] goddes sone
þis anteme was ful myry : as þe folc harde alle
Þe harpe songe it bi þe self : [...] it h[...]e bi þe walle
ffaire grace oure lord shewed him [...] deed tree
so shulde synge of þat ioie . [...]
lord herid be þi grate : and þi [...]
þat þou woldest for him here o[...]
When þis holi man had lyued [...]
and his ende was nye as god [...]
On holi thursday he bicome sel[...]
he lete sende aftir alle his fi[...]
hem þat him serued eke : he [...]
and forgaf hem alle þe tresp[...]
and assoiled hem of her synne[...]
and so he lay in his stronge eny[...]
and lete hem clepe þe satreday : [...] bifalle
and bad hem alle haue good day [...] his leeue of alle

· xly·
de sancto Dunstanis.}

{Gaudent in celio
drime sanctoum}

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