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SEint Dunstan was of Engelond  icome of gode more
Miracle oure louerd dude for him  er he were ibore
For þo he was in his moder wombe  a candelmasse day
Þer folc was at churche ynouȝ  as to þe tyme lay
As hi stode mid here liȝt  as me doþ ȝut nou
Here liȝt aqueynte oueral  here non nuste hou
Her riȝt hit brende suype wel  ⁊ her riȝt hit was oute
Þat folc stod in gret wonder  ⁊ also in grete doute
{[top margin: illegible]}
{[right margin: in a later hand:] For ... [ in another later hand:] O lorde and father ..yes ...... servaunt[?]
J. .. Sanford}

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