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And hi speke ech to oþer  in whiche manere hit were
Hou hit queynte so sodeynliche  þe liȝt þat hi bere
As hi stode ⁊ speke þerof  in gret wounder echon
Seint Dunstanes moder taper  afure worþ anon
Þat heo huld on hire hond  heo nuste whannes hit com
Þat folc stod ⁊ bihuld  ⁊ gret wonder þerof nom
Ne non nuste wannes hit com  bote þurf oure louredes grace
Þerof hi tende here liȝt  alle in þe place
What was þat oure louerd crist  þe liȝt fram heuene sende
⁊ þat folc þat stod aboute  here taperes þerof tende
Bote of þat holi child  þat was in hire wombe þere
Al Engelonde scholde þe bet beo iliȝt  þat hit ibore were
Þis child was ibore neoȝe hondred ȝer  ⁊ fyue ⁊ tuenti ariȝt
After þat oure suete louerd  in his moder was aliȝt
Þe furste ȝer of þe crouning  of þe king Adelston
His moder het Kenedride  his fader Herston
Þo þis child was an vrþe ibore  his freond nome þerto hede
Hi lete hit do to Glastnebury  to norischi ⁊ to fete
To teche him eke his bileue  pater noster ⁊ crede
Þe child wax ⁊ wel iþeȝ  for hit moste nede
Lute ȝeme he nom to þe wordle  to alle godnisse he drouȝ
Ech man þat hurde of himm speke  hadde of him ioye ynouȝ
Þo he was of manes wit to his vncle he gan go
Þe archebischop of Canterbury  seint Aldelm þat was þo
Þat makede wiþ him ioye ynouȝ  ⁊ euere þe lengere þe more
Þo he seȝ of his godnisse  ⁊ of his wyse lore
For deynte þat he hadde of him  he let him sone bringe
Bifore þe prince of Engelond  Adelstan þe kynge
Þe king him makede ioye ynouȝ  ⁊ grantede al his bone
Of what þinge so he wolde bidde  if hit were to done
Þo bad he him an abbei  þat he was forþ on ibroȝt
In þe toun of Glastnebure  þat he ne wornde him noȝt
Þe king grantede his bone  ⁊ after him also
Edmund his broþer þatt was king  in his poer ido
To Glastnebury wende sone  þis gode man seint Dunstan
Þo beye þe kynges him ȝeue leue Edmund ⁊ Adelstan
Of þe hous of Glastnebure  a gret ordeynour he was
⁊ makede moche of gode reule  þat neuerer among hem nas

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