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For he schal quaþ þis gode man  after me her beo
Archebischop of Canterbury  þat me schal iseo
What saistou þis oþer seide  þu spext folliche iwis
Nostou nomore þan þi fot  vppe god al hit is
Ne one freond quaþ þis gode man  nepore ȝe me blaim noȝt
Wel ich wot what mi louerd crist  in mi mouþ haþ ibrouȝt
Is ho saiþ of þulke þinge  þat he haþ in mie ised
To elle ich mai what schal bifalle  after þat ich am ded
Bischop he was of Londone ⁊ Wircetre  ⁊ hulp boþe tuo
Of Londone ⁊ of Wircestre  ⁊ bischop was of boþe also
Hit biful þat þe archebischop  of Canterbury was ded
Þe pope ⁊ þe kyng Edgar  þerof nome here red
⁊ makede þe gode seint Dunstan  archebischop þere
Gode men þat him iknewe  wel glad þerof were
Cristendom in Engelond  to god stat he drouȝ
And riȝtes of holi churche  he huld vp faste ynouȝ
He fondede þurf al Engelond  þat ech persoun schulde cheose
To witien him fram lecherie  oþer his churche leose
Seint Osewold was þulke tyme  bischop of wyrcestre
⁊ seint Adelwold also  bischop of Roucestre
Þis tuei bischopes ⁊ seint Dunstan  were al at one rede
⁊ Edgar þe gode king  to do þis gode dede
Þis þreo bischops wende forþ  þurf al Engelonde
⁊ eche liþer persoun caste out  þat þer nemiȝte non atstonde
Here churchen ⁊ hereer god  clanliche hi bynome
⁊ bisette hit in pore men  þurf þe popes grant of Rome
Eiȝte ⁊ fourti abbeyes of monekes ⁊ of nonne
Of þe tresour hi arerde in Engelond  of persones so iwonne
So hit was wel bet biset  þan hit was er in schrewe
For whanne gode maistres beoþ  som god hi wolleþ schewe
Gode were þis þreo bischops  þat o tyme were þo
Þe betere is Engelond for hem  ⁊ worþ euere mo
Oure louerd ȝaf an vrþe  seint Dunstan faire grace
Þat o tyme as he was  in a priuei place
His fader ⁊ his moder ek  in þe ioye of heuen anheȝ
After þat hi dede were  aperteliche he seȝ
Wel grat loue oure louerd him cudde  whan he schewede þere
So moche of his priueite  þe while he alyue were
{[right margin: in later hand] Vt ait Homes[?] ......}
{[bottom margin:] O sord[?]}

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