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25 Waumbeck St
Roxbury, Mass. Feb 10/90

My dear Mrs. Sewall --

Woe is me that I am
not the man you took me for!
I cannot go to Washington, I have
never said or thought that I could go.
If only wishes were horses, how
swiftly I would ride; but my feet
are fast in the stocks. Please
forgive whoever has deceived you
in this matter & congratulate your-
self that the long programme
will still be too short for all
who will want to speak. The
"toasts" you offer me are
toothsome: I am greedy enough
to take both; and am therefore
sure you will suffer from
a plethora of talk.

I have just been making
the enclosed copy of some
lines which my wife wants me
to send you for the banquet; she,

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