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June 2n-
International Woman Suffrage Alliance
Honorary President, SUSAN B. ANTHONY, Rochester, N. Y.
President, CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT, 205 W. 57th St., New York, U. S. A.
1st Vice-President, Dr. JUR. ANITA AUGSPURG, Paul Strasse 25, Hamburg Germany.
2nd Vice-President, MILLICENT FAWCETT, 2 Gower St., London England.
Secretary, RACHEL FOSTER AVERY, 5 Rue de Communeux, Vevey, Switzerland.
1st Assistant Secretary, Dr. KATHE SCHIRMACHER, 53 Rue Notre Dame des Champs, Paris.
2nd Assistant Secretary, JOHANNA NABER, 5 Van Eeghensraat, Amsterdam, Holland.
Treasurer, MISS RODGER CONLIFFE, 45 Albert Palace Mansions, Battersea Park, London.
Hotel Kougar of Dauwark. Copenhagen, June 25.
My dear Mrs. Sewall:-
If there was a stenographer in this city who could take English dictation, I should send you a full report of the Paris meeting, but as there is not. I must do all my correspondence by hand and can only get help where there is duplicate work which can be done.
I therefore shall report only those things which I know must interest you most. Mrs Harper will, of course, send you a full report, but upon one matter, I have promised her to write.
Your letter concerning the publication of the Berlin transactions was read and altho there was no open discussion, there was much private whispering and the expression on faces indicated that some disagreable action might be taken. I therefore thought it best that the disposal of the question should be initiated by our own country and I moved the following

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