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until they know more terms for federation.
The proposed are under [...] [...] [...] by the proposal of Canada to take away the one term [...] the president. The American delegates and Martina Kranners, were the only ones to vote against it.
I think there was no other action which could be called fundamental, and indeed, the Norway, Australian and term of office questions go to the Quisquennial anyway. We did not do anything of real importance, I think, but we ate much and often. The IWC appointed six fratural delegates to the I.W.S. Alliance meeting in Copenhagen: Baroness Gripenberg, Joan Stritt, Mrs. Dobson of Tasmania, Mrs. Donohue of N.S. Wales, Dr. Sandalien of [...], Mrs. Chaponire-Chaix of Switzerland.
Tell Miss Sheriff Baire, that I have just had a letter from Mrs. Napier saying that she may come to the Copenhagen gen meeting. With cordial greeting to you both and the regret that I cannot send you a fuller report. I am
Yours, Carrie C. Catt

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