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of Philadelphia for California and when
They got of [off] valpraiso Valparaiso they encountered another
gale which Blowed [blew] away there [their] masts &
they had to run in to valpraiso Valparaiso for repairs
they had Been in port 3 weeks when we arrived
and they put to sea again 3 days before we saile [sailed]
I went on board and staid all night with him
he lost amost [almost] every thing he gave me 2 letters to
put in the office here to send home I was agoing [going]
to leave the vessel at valpraiso Valparaiso as I could
get three dollars and a half a day but Morgan
wanted I should go on to San Francisco and I have
staid on board you know nothing of what we
have suffered we live worse than even our hogs did
and unless we have different fare from here when
we get to San Francisco our officers had better
keep out of the crews way or they will cut
Conns we have suffered every thing heat and cold
storms of snow and ice sleet and hail the cold
in the straits was severe and the heat here is almost
suffocating I expected to have got a letter from
you here I find there is none and I am sorry
for it I want you should write to me as soon
as you get this write to San Francisco this is
a miserable place there is persons here that cant
get away but the story that there are thousand
[on the isthmus?] awaiting for a passage is all humbug
there is not persons enough here to fill two vessells [vessels]
there is but a ver [very] few persons here and these
six or seven steamers Running here to California
write as soon as you receive this

yours in F., S and G..

Jared. C. Brown

write what Charles, Martin, is, a doing

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