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[caption under illustration] View of Coloma, the place where the first gold was discovered. Published by Forrest & Borden.

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Coloma Aug 11th/51 [1851]

Dear father

I receiv'd [received] your letter by the Last mail
Ths [this] Answer to the one that I wrote from San Francisco
I have not got Any yet I was glad to hear from you
I send you this plate of Coloma you will find the Mill Down
on the river to the right hand where gold was first Discovered
and on the Left hand on the hill is the Jail I have Done over
8 hundred Dollars worth of work in it & get my pay
in county script it will be good some years hence I have mark'd [marked]
the Mill and the Jail my shop is in the centre [center] of the town
this small place hass [has] created all the excitement through
the World for gold thousands of all nations are here
thousands of Chinese I was glad to hear that you all were
well and that you were doing so well and attended the
Lodge I am Glad to hear that Charles Martin is Doing
well tell him to write to me tell David I was glad to
hear from him and got that card he sent

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