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I send him a peace [piece] of gold to keep for me I have been
Doing very well since & got so I could work when I began work I was in Debt about
1500.00 Dollars I have paid since for board and other
expenses with shop rent over 500 Dollars I have got
about 800 Dollars in County script and have got 100 Dol [dollars]
in money and owe now about 400 Dollars I have
paid all But 400 hundred and have got 40 times
as many tools as at home one of my anvills [anvils] weight
is about 300.. Any tools and chance here is worth
one thousand Dollars cash here I shall send some money as soon
as I get out of Debt to you I shall not come Home with
out anything if I never come I expect a letter from
Morgan to knight [tonight] I have done a great Deal of work more
than any one man you ever saw since the time since I was
Sick When I have been scorcely [scarcely] able to stand to my anvill [anvil]
I have made 16 & 20 lbs [pounds] sledges & 8 lbs [pounds] pecks & 20 lbs [pounds] ground gears
for watter [water] wheels out of 1 inch square iron it is some
work where the thermometer stand from 90 to 111 and is
the heat some times Beyond endurance I sent Amy 2
papers By the last Mail and you two by this mail
those of Amys was the first printed in this town therse [there]
haz [have] been only 4 printed I shall send two by every mail
once in 2 weeks Write every mail once in twoo [two] weeks
it is 4 weeks since I heard from Morgan I expect to
hear from him to knight [tonight] he was unwell when last
I heard from him he sends tru [through] all My iron and coal
I have sent over 700 Dollars to buy iron & steel
and Coal My coal costs here 125 Dollars per ton
So Cast teell [steel] one dollar fifty cts [cents] per lb [pound] and 5 cts [cents] freight per lb [pound]

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