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I get 8 Dollars for horse shoing [horseshoeing] I can beat any thing in
this country on shoing [shoeing] I plated a horse sunday [Sunday] morning
for running and he run right away from the others
Sunday is the Day all racing is Done I Do most
as much work on Sunday as all the rest of the week
if you could see calafornia California as I have seen it you heart
would sicken at the thought of it gambling Drunkeness [Drunkenness]
Carousing Robery [robbery] horse steeling [stealing] Murders and the most
Abomanable [abominable] vices that ever was thought of are here pract [practiced]
there is immense amount of gold here but it takes a great
Deal of labor to get it I have not mined but one Day
Since I have been here I shall stay in the shop as long
as it will pay me 4 Dollars per Day Clear and if
i get Less than that I shall Leave I have Done from
10 Dol [dollars] per day to 700 70 Dol [dollars] for some Days my expecs [expenses]
averages 300 per week I shall soon be out of Debt I could
of left the country with 1400 hundred but I can not
Leave with out paying My honest Dues where I have
Received so much assistance as I have here I shall
Bo [be] in the States in June 52 [1852] if I have my health
and nothing happens I have not receivd [received] that Card
from the Lodge yet I want it I probily [probably] shall go to
oregon Oregon and Sand with Witch Islands Sandwich Islands before I come home &
I think some of going to China if I Do I shall have
been nearly round the world. When I once more get home
I think I shall stay some time I have seen most
Enough of this part of the world to Last me for some
time to come you wrote that you had heard from uncle
Levi I am glad to hear from him write to him tell
if he is doing well to Stay there and not come to California


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