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Write to him as soon as you get this for there is a good many
coming in now from the plains they suffer a great Deal
I would Like Charles Martin hear [here] to work with
me in the shop but he would under go what he never
experienced before give my love to him tell him to write
to me all the things he can think of write every oppertinit [opportunity]
posttage [postage] is not only 6 cts [cents] paid in advance or 10 paid at the end
of the line I Hardly know what to write that what
will be interesting to you I am so busy I can
not write any more at present there is work
waiting to be Done so good by for the present
Yours in G bS and T.

Jared C. Brown
to his father
Charles Brown

PS this Peace [piece] of gold I send to David Edward
is wort [worth] 50 Cts (cents) tell him to keep
it to remember me

Jared. C . Brown
Remember Me

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