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Eldorado County, California

Coloma, May., 28/52 [18652]

Dear father

It is with the most
heart rendering thoughts that I seat myself
to write these few lines to you Little
Did I think when I pen those last lines to you the
next would be of such a carrater Character the clipper
ship Northern Light has arrived and the Purser –
of the Brig Philenia which Charles Martin sailed
from Panama on board of came through this Place
a few days ago he reports that Charles Martin
Died on board the Brig Philenia about 3 weeks
from Panama and that he had the best of
Care from the Doctor he reported that he was
taken with the Panama fever and also 7 others
he said that the captain took his things and delivered
them up to the American Consul at Acapulco I have
wrote Down to the Consul and if I do not get a
Satisfactory answer I shall sail for Acapulco on the
arrival of the answer I cannot hardly credit
the news although it has come direct but the
Mate told me that Charles Martin was at Acapulco
and the Purser says he is mistaken for he took care
of him I have become resigned to the Loss
although it has been the most trying time I ever saw
Little did I think I was sending him to his grave
when I sent for him to come to this country
if it is so I live in hopes that it may Prove
a mistake but if not I shall close out and Leave
for home as soon as Possible if it so it is
for the best for the Almighty has taken our brother
an [and] Son from us so that we May Refrain our
Minds for our final Dissolution The ways of Provedence [Providence]
is Mysterious

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