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Oh father Let Not these Sad news effect
you become reconciled to the Loss Oh how many
hundreds have shared the same fate with a friend
even to releave [relieve] their wants but he had care
Many yes Many have I seen carried to their
graves in this country whoes [whose] friends will long
mourn their Loss the last vessal [vessel] that arrived
buried 56 this country is filling up thousand are
Pouring in from all quarters hundreds are falling
victims to Disease contracted on the way here
from being starved to Death on board of vessals [vessels]
who have more than Double their Number
of Passengers than the Law will allow them
to carry they do not take on board of the
vessals [vessels] one half Provisions if there is any more
coming from our part of the country
tell them never to take a sail vessal [vessel] on this
side but they all had better stay at
at home I have seen more suffering among emigrants
than any one can imagine I think by the
next Mail I shall hear from the
American Consul give not away to Despair
hope for the best Morgan will be with you
before you get this I can not write any more

I must write a few lines to Samual

See the folks in Lockport try and console
them to the Loss of our brother

From your ever affectionate Son

Jared C. Brown

to his

Father.. Charles Brown

PS I shall be with you soon

I shall write the next Mail

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