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Cambridge City, Indiana Oct 6th 1852 Indiana

Dear Nice I received your letter of Sep 12 1852
which gave me a grate [great] deal of Pleasure to hear
from you and all the Rest of our folk little
did I expect to hear the death of both of them
Charles Martin & Amy Both I Had so not Expected
the deat [death] of Lane & Saley than them boys
But so it is we no [know] not the hour we are Cald [called]
for I am sue a poor written on I kould [would] write
moore [more] than I do you wanted to no [know] whether I
was mared [married] I am not mared [married] whether I Even
shall be I think that I shall stay hear [here] this
winter I heve [have] a tolerable Good Chance in
making Hats sene [since] I was at your house I have ben [been]
a good many thousan [thousand] miles I was up the misune [Missouri River]
to Indindis [Indiana] last summer and was agoing [going] to crs [cross]
the plains to Caleforne [California] but my helth [health] wernt [was not]
good a nif [enough] I like to see diferent [different] Parts of the Cuntry [Country]
but I mus [must] stop & settle down some whare [where] for I getting
in years lona [long] I Had littl [little] thuts [thoughts] of your out living
all your sisters & Brothers I have wrote you a few lines
In answer to your letter if yu [you] wrote me it is hardly
leghal [legal] I shall Close these lines By saying By
Saying I remain your afichenet [affectionate] loving uncle Levi
I shall send you 2 Papers for you to
Read Give my Love to them all as soon as you receive
Write Rite [right] By a next mail

Levi Brown

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