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I wish it was so that I could
come home this fall but I cannot
Mr S Delong of Sanfrancisco [San Francisco] Left on
the last Steamer for home give my
Love to all of the folks I do not
Know what to write more the weather is very
hot and no appearance of rain yet

The dust is very Deep I was married in
Sanfrancisco [San Francisco] and Coming home I got a
Carriedge [carriage] in Sacremento [Sacramento] and left the city
in the eavening [evening] and drove all night
and got home in the morning 55 miles a Pleasant
Ride over mountains & gulches with a pair of
Spanish Horses there is nothing more I can
write at Present I send Papers every mail

Yours in F. S. T

From Jared C. Brown

to his father

Charles Brown

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