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Coloma June 3rd, 1856

Dear father

it is a long time since I Last
heard from you and a Number of Mails has arrived
and I have not Received any letter from Lockport
it seams [seems] as though I was forgotten, the mail will be
here in about an Hour I expect and than I suppose
I shall get Some letters I Send you this mail
a Lot of papers in which you will see that
there is a great Deal of excitement in this state
on the act of the organisation [organization] of the Vigilance Committee
again in Sanfrancisco San Francisco there has been by the statistics
1400 pe persons Murdered in the City of Sanfrancisco San Francisco
since 1849 and there has been only 5 persons hung
by the authorities, and a short time ago a
Notorious gambler Named Cora Charles Cora Shot the United
States marshal, Gen. William H. Richardson, in the
Street and was Likely to get Clear and Soon
after through the agency of John B. Weller, got
a gambler and associate of Cora Charles Cora appointed
to fill the vacancy occured [occurred] by the Death of Richardson
which Caused a great Deal of feeling all over the
State and the Editor of the Bulletin, James King
of William
exposed their Nefarious plans
and it was Rumored that he would be shot
if He was not Carefull [careful] and He exposed the Character
of James Casey a State prison convict of Sing Sing Ny New York

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