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who had been Elected Superviser [Supervisor] of a District
by a Large vote where he was not known to be
a Candidate untill [until] 5 Day [days] after the Election
but he was Elected by Ballot box Stuffing

He met James King and Shot him Down the people
organised [organized] the Committe [Committee] 26 Hundred under arms
proceeded to the jail and took him out with Charles Cora
and Hung them Both they arrested Yankee
and a good many others
Sullivan applied to the British Consul for
protection as an english [English] subject. the consul
said he would take him under his protection
and send him Back in irons as he was
an escaped Convict, So he committed Suicide
by cutting his arm till he Bled to Death

there is a great deal of excitement
it is rumored that the govener [governor] with Supreme
Judge and General Wool Wooll Woll will order out
the go United States troops to put Down the
Committee, if they Should undertake it at
present there would not be a United States
Soldier or officer, or gamblier [gambler] or Shoulder Striker
be left to tell the late Blood would flow like
water The committee have under arms
26 Hundred men and in 2 hours this could
increase their numbers to 10 thousand and
by telegraph & express in 2 Day [days] could muster

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