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over 50 thousand fighting men
with 8 or 10 peaces [pieces] of Cannon with any amount
of other arms Should the general government
step in now to protect Scoundrals [Scoundrels] of every Hue
and stripe Death will be the consequence

it is a perfect State of excitement in this State
The Elections have been Controled [controlled] and those that are
in power have been elected by ballot Box stuffing
Murderers & gamblers have Reighned [reigned] Supreme
untill [until] the people can Bear it No Longer and
have Rose in their Majesty to proclaim the
puriety [purity] of the Ballot Box and Downfall of Drunker
and gambling Politicain [Politician] and Detestable Brawlers
and Ruffans [Ruffians] who Rule our Courts of Justace [Justice]

The excitement on the Receipt of the news of the massicure [massacre]
at panama [Panama] was Dreadful Could there have been any
way of passage Down got thousand would have gone
to Revenge the Death of those Slain, and now the
News of the the Dreadfull [dreadful] catastrophy [catastrophe] which has
happened upon the Railroad and the events that
are now transpiring in San Francisco has nearly
turned the people of this State into a state of
lunaticy [lunatics] the mail Has just arrived and I will
go up and see if there is any letter
I have not got any letter I do not see why I
do not get More letters than I Do

My Health is good My wife [wife's] Health is poor

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