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except my Self [myself] and I have had a hard time
to keep from following Suit and Some times
I think I shall have to close I am now
about 3 thousand Dol [dollars] in Debt and my whole
availible [available] Property if with my wifes [wife's] also if
forced into Market now would not fetch
over 4 thousand My Store cost me near
6 thousand but property is of no acct [account]
at present almost every town of any note
in the Mining Counties have been burned
up this Summer Best this it is strange
this is almost the only town in Calofornia California but
what Has been fired at some time a few Day [days] ago
an attempt was made to Burn this Town
there was af a fire in the centre [center] of the town
and also at the Side of my store but
it went out of it-self, My wifes [wife's] Health
is Poor the children are well I Have not
heard from Morgan Sinc [since] he went Home
But 2, and I care but little about ever
Hearing again from Him Had he staid [stayed] and
assisted me as he ought to have Done we
Both Could have been Home now with
Money to Spare it is impupossible [impossible] to send you
any Money at Present I have been trying
to Raise Money to send to Sanfrancisco San Franciso but cannot
get it to do So with the vigalant [vigilance] committee

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