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in Sanfrancisco San Francisco are still in Session
Last week they Hung 9[?] men they
are Cleaning the City of its filth it is
Rumored here that the government at
Washington will intefere [interfere] if they Do it
will Couse [cause] Civil war the moment they
opened a Battery upon Sanfrancisco San Francisco every
government officer & Soldier would be Swept
from the Pacific Shore and it might
Be the cause of Raising the Standard of
a Pacific Republic. The people of this state
are alive to the Neglect of the General
government in protecting this State and the Citizens
Coming & going from Here to the Atlantic States
and Back and now an armed interprise [enterprise]
of the General government to prevent the people
of this country to get Rid of Scoundols [scoundrel] Murderers
and Theivs [thieves] from their midsts [midst] would
cause a general Revolution which the
government could not quell for there can be
Raised over 150 thousand fighting men
who are inured to all kinds of Dangers and
it would of be fool Hardy [foolhardy] to attempt to
Meddle here in a Local affair they have affairs
in Kansas which they Had better look after
before Meddling Here I think this State will
go for filmore Fillmore Millard Fillmore at this fall Election but
I think I shall support fremont John C. Fremont

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