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for I Do not feel Like supporting Fillmore Millard Fillmore
and the Democratic Party is nothing more now
in a moddern [modern] Sense than Slavery extension &
and Ballot Box Stuffers and favor those who are
opposed to free speoch [speech] and the freedom of the press
and are Represented by Scoundals [scoundrels] of every Hue this state
Has 2 Members of Congress Both Democratic and Both
Murderers Denver James W. Denver killed his man here in a Duel
before going to Washington and Herbert Philemon T. Herbert Killed his man
in the shape of an grist waiter at Washington and he
ought to be Hung if He was in the Hands of the
viglant [vigilance] Committee at Sanfrancisco San Francisco he would Hang
We have one Senator in Washington – John B Weller
the worst Black guard and obscene Bloat I Iever ever saw
and He Brought to this Country a Prostitute and she
is Just across the way from my store Such is the
Representatives of Calofornia California and the great Democratic
Party of this State our United States Marhil [marshal]
whoese [whose] appointment was procured through Weller is
a gambler & an associate of Prostitutes & Ruffins
and as such I will no longer support such
a Class of Men under the name of Democracy

I Have Received a Number of Papers for
David I send you papers most every mail

From J. C. Brown to

His father Charles Brown

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