Geek weekly 04 008

one that’s meaner, probably, but it doesn’t cause people to
suffer as long, where I can make their brains boil almost
instantly, so their brains go shooting out their ears with all
this smoke.

GW: You’re actually giving me the answers in advance to one of my
questions — you have this really clever story about how you’re from
Iowa to explain your presence here on Earth, but at your last show
here, Anne explained that the rainstorm was caused by a mothership
or aliens descending to rescue you.You also said that they could
recognize you by devices you had implanted in your palms. I just
want to know where you really come from and what supernatural
powers you actually have. This wizardry stuff is pretty good.

Brian: Anne didn’t know that I was a wizard last year, and I
didn’t either.

Anne: Last year we were just getting abducted all the time
by aliens on tour.

GW: It was just happening on tour, while you were traveling?
Anne: Basically it would only happen while we were travel—
ing, because we would always leave with plenty of time to
get where we were going to and we would always be two
hours late and have no idea where the two hours went.
GW: There’s a support group here in town.

Anne: There is?

GI/V'YEah, there’s a support groupjbr people who have been
abducted. There’s quite a lot ofthat in Texas.

Brian: My only complaint about that is being left with really
dull, mundane screen memories of sitting in the van or
something like that.

Anne:When actually, they were operating on you, fusing
different parts together.

Brian: Giving us electroshock and all kinds of fun things that
we didn’t get to remember.

Hugh:We didn’t wake up with anything conclusive to prove
that it actually happened, like waking up with scars or a pig
snout instead of a nose.

GVV: How does your blood sugar level afiect how you play?

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