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Mi gato frito no tiene mas de dos dientes


Every time the Oblivians roll into Austin, they seem to pull out all the stops to impress the sophisticated audience. With a crowd of such eeducated, discriminating listeners such as Scott Gardner, Craig Koon, Bob Coleman and members of Big Foot Chester and the Motards (RIP) on hand, not to mention the Iron Fist of GW itself, who wouldn't aim to impress? A need to show off for our fair city has produced some fine shows at Emo's, rarely equaled in the Oblivians' hometown of Memphis. This October the Oblivians unveiled, for the first time, their brave new direction. Austin was the first town to hear their merging of electronica and garage rock, an amazing innovation we didn't even know we needed, like Butterfingers, until someone invented it. Before this shocking new sound hit our ears, most folks were mumbling about the absence of Mr. Quintron from the tour or the fact that the clocks would be rolling back at 2 am due to the end of Daylight Savings Time, giving us an extra hour in which to drink and socialize. When Mr. Oblivian, Mr. Oblivian, and Mr. Oblivian took the stage, they immediately began a run-through of their greatest hits, numbers like "She's a hole," "I Ain't No Sicko, There's a Plate in My Head," and "Blew My Cool." Such performances make us here at GW wish to use vast hyperbole in describing the Oblivians as "The only rock'n'roll band in America" or "An outlet for Greg Cartwright's demented adolescent fantasies." Let it be sufficient to say that like all great garage bands, they have the quality of an orchestra forced to perform a symphony on pots and pans. The most truly amazing aspect of the group is that they've sustained and fulfilled their vision from day one, through the perils of fame and rumored breakups, scandals and paternity suits, frenzied feedings by the fanzine press and record label bidding wars. It's no wonder they should be innovators in their genre, shocking listeners like they did at this show. Well into their set, we began to notice the presence of a fourth Oblivian, if you will, on stage. It seems that while thrift shopping, the boys picked up a vintage drum machine. As Oblivians fans know, each member of the trio has his turn

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