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Dedication Hymn
Captain G.A. Hull, U.S. Army

[Tune?] - Italian Hymn

O Thou great God of Love,
Ruler below, above,
Thou Friend of men;
Accept this gift we bring,
The songs of praise we sing,
And grant our prayers, O King.
Amen, amen.

Love's work has here been wrought,
Embalmed with holy thought
And strong desire.
Come, Lord, and own it Thine;
Come with Thy power benign,
And bless its great design,
Its life inspire.

Come, Lover of mankind,
Would here the youthful [mind?]
In Thine own way.
To searching hearts draw nigh,
Give wisdom from on high,
And with Thy watchful eye
O'er all hold sway.

As here Thy laws men lern,
May they Thy love discern,
Thy wisdom own.
The wonders of the sea,
Of earth and sky, shall be
Mute witnesses of Thee,
Thy power make known.

Come, then, O Lord, and take
This treasured gift, and make
Its life sublime.
For truth, an arm of might;
A bulwark for the night;
A nation's pride; a light
To every clime.

Here let Thy praise resound,
Love, joy and peace abound,
Good will to men;
And this memorial be
Sacred to liberty,
To love of men and Thee.
Amen, amen.

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