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I hope you received
the papers I sent to
you sontaining the
the speeches of Genl
Werner Porter and
[?] Wise delivered
April 27th

Genl Grant's birth
day I wanted the
Senator to read of
Genl Grant's Civil
work I insist he
made no mistakes
I am very proud
of Porters speech and
of [?] Wises also

-not only giving
but importance
to so many worthy

I congratulate you
again, and again

I must tell you I
have been ill very ill
with grip [sic]. confined
to my bed three weeks
out of my [Nellies?] visit
of six weeks so [?]
too fast was it not?

I hope you are quite
well and that you will
not only write but
think often of me
your friend Julia D Grant

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