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Cedar Point
29th May 1841

Dear Col
I rec'd your medicine, and finding
on trial that it did not agree with
me. I quit it and find that I am better
without it. I wish you would speak
to Mr Lee,if he is at home, and please
say to him that I hold a note on
him given for a share in the City of
Sabine, and even a part of the am
mount, would be of great service to
Me as I never felt the need of cash
so much. I hope it will be in his pow
er to help me out for the present, or I
will be disturbed indeed.
If Kosciusco can spare his hounds
(the [two?] dogs) for a few days, I would
like to borrow them: and Mr Armstrong
will bring them in his Boat.

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Ben Brumfield

Is there a chance that the word between "I" and "your" in the first sentence is "rec'd" for "received"? It makes more sense, and would work with a reading of "medicine" instead of "medium" in the same sentence. The letter C in this hand seems to have an extra loop -- see "service" in line 9 and "much" in line 11 for tight examples, and "cash" in line 10 for a loose example. The tight 'c' is what I think we're dealing with in line 1.

Ben Brumfield

I posted a link to this page on Facebook, and got some interesting comments.

Ben Brumfield

I'm interested to see that you've identified "City of Sabine" in the text with Sabine in Smith County rather than Sabine Pass. Remembering a historical marker about a ghost town of "Sabine" near Sabine Pass, I did a bit of digging. According to the Handbook of Texas ( ), Sabine in Jefferson County (the one I remember) was probably founded too late. On the other hand, Sabinetown looks like a good possibility ( ) and the "City of Sabine" shows up in a different source as a contemporary, though I'm not sure if they're the same place as Sabinetown ( )

Ben Brumfield

Looks like Sam Houston was involved in founding a Sabine near Sabine Pass around 1839:

San Jac Descendant

I believe the Mr Lee mentioned is William Douglas Lee, Colonel Morgan's son in law, married to Caroline Ophelia Morgan. They had two children that I know of, Ellen, and James.