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The Index
Red gingerbread in pg 1st
Fruit Bistkett's in pg 1st
White Cakes in pg 2nd
The Lady Bethells Cake pg 2nd
The Light Balls - in pg 3rd
The Lady North: marchpane in pg 3rd
The Boyle Cakes in pg 4th
Queen Cakes in pg 4th
Seed Cakes in pg 4th
The Lady Bridgwaters Cake pg 6th
Sugar Cakes in pg 5th
Mackrounes in pg 5th
Bisketts in pg 5th
A Plum Cake in pg 7th
Queen Eliz Cake in pg 8th
A seed cake in pg 9th
To make Cracknalls in pg 9th
Red Ginger Bread An }10th
Other way in pg
The Lady Strouds Cake pg 11th
Corren Berry Wine in pg 12th
To make Meed in pg 12th
Gousberry Wine in pg 13th
Elderberry Wine in pg 13th
Chockolate in pg 14th
Poppy Brandy in pg 14th
Aqua mirabolis in pg 14th
Cowslip Wine in pg 15th
To make meed in pg 15th
The Index
To Presarve Jelly } in pg 18th
of Rasp's
Jelly of Rasps an other way pg 18th
Jelly of curran berryes pg 18th
Jelly of Sheep feet in pg 19th
Jelly of Cream in pg 19th
White Lesh in pg - 21st
Lesh of divers colors pg 21st
White Jelly in pg 20th
To make a Cream }
with ye dresing of Snow pg 21st
Leomon Cream in pg 22nd
Buttered Oringes pg 22nd
Almond Butter in pg 23rd
Butter'd Oringes pg 23rd
White Lesh in pg 24th
Sweet Water pg - 24th
A Sack Posett pg 24th
A Tansey - in pg 25th
A Cream Cheese pg 25th
French Pufs - pg 26th
A Sillebub - 26 th
A Crudo Puding pg 26th
A Dish of Pudings pg 26th
A Shakeing Pudin pg 27th
A Plane Pudin pg 27th
2 Doz Rise Pudings pg 27th
To Towr Apricock's pg 28th
To Towr Apricocks 28th
To Dry Peares pg 28th
To dry Grapes pg 29th

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