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The Index
To Dry Damsons pg 29th
To Dry Green Plums 30th
To Dry Pippins pg 30th
To Dry Churries pg 31st
To Dry any Soft Plum 31st
To Dry Quinches pg 31st
To Dry Aprecocks pg 32nd
To Dry Gouseberryes pg 32nd
To dry Aprecock's
An other way in pg 33rd
To Presarve and Dry}
Bla Bare Plumes pg 33rd
To Presarve Citteran pg 34th
To make Rock De }
Cittoron in pg 34th
To Presarve Rasberryes 35th
To Presarve Chirries 35th
To Presarve Barberryes 35th
To Presarve Green Plums 36th
To Presarve Damsons pg 36th
To Presarve Quinches White pg 36th
To Presarve Red Quincses 37th
To Presarve Quinces} 37th
an other way in pg
To Presarve Wt Pare Plums 38th
To Presarve Quinches Wt }
or Red without Water} 38th
To make Consarve of currans}
Barberryes or Rasberryes} 39th
To make White Marmolate 39th
To Make Oringe marmolate 40th
To Make Red marmolate quinch 40th
To Make Lemond Lozenges 40th
To Candy Suckett's pg 40th
The Index
To make Lozenges of -}
Any spiritts without Boyling} pg 45
To make Ganna Paist}
or Quinch Paist} pg 43rd
To make Raspberry Paist 43rd
To make wt and Red Paist 43rd
To Make Pistacos Paist 45th
To Make clear Paist}
of Rosps in pg 45th
To Make Red cullers pg 44th
To make Green Cullers pg 44th
To make Green Paist pg 44th
To make Pynable Paist pg 44th
A Frigasie of eggs 46th
A Frigasie of Chickengs 46th
Sause for a Frigosie 46th
To make the Rufs to fry 46th
To Boyle a Brest Mutton 47th
To Stew a Calfes}
Head } 47th
Sause for a Rost}
Legg of veale} 47th
To Make Sause for}
Roasted Rabbetts} 48th
Sause for boyld}
Samond pg } 48th
To Pickle Lemond}
Skins} 48th

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