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To Make Boyld Cakes
Take half A Peck of Flower very finely Searsed and put
into an oven att night after manchetts hath been drawn
then take a Pound and a quarter of Butter half a Pound
of sugar 6 lb of currons dryed very well in an oven 2
Nuttmeggs and one ounce of Cinamon A Little Sack and
A Little Rose Water A Pint of good Ale yest as much
cream Scalding Hott as will wett it mingle it Soft &
Wrap it in a Warme Woolen cloth A Quarter of An Houre
to rise yn make ym into little cakes and as you make ym
have a Skellett of Boyling water to putt ym into Ready,
one att A tyme and as soune as it swims take it out
with a Skimmer and Putt ym into Buttered Plates
Scrape Sugar on ym and lett ym stand halfe an Houre
in the oven, looking sometimes for fear they culler too

To Make Queen Cakes
Take halfe a Pound of Flower halfe a Pound of Butter
half A Pound of Loafe Sugar halfe a Pound of corrans
or Carraway seeds or cumfetts A Nuttmegg andA halfe grated
mix these together, and when yt is done beat all but ye
Corrans or Comfitts in A Marble Morter butter the Pans
and putt in your Corrans or Comfett's just when they goe
into ye oven it must not be in too Hott

To Make A Seed Cake
Take 4 lb of Floure 1 lb of carraway Comfett's and as
much of Biskett comfetts 1 lb of Butter and A Pint
of Sweet Creame warmed to wch Putt as much yeast
without scalding it with ye creame yn mingle it all
together Except ye Comfett's Putt in none of ym till the
Cake is well risen yn just before you sett them into the -
Oven Break ye Creame in pieeces and mingle ye comfett's
and all very well together and sett it into ye Oven.

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