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To Make A Seed Cake
Take A Pound and 3 quarters of fine floure dryed
in the oven or before the fire Rub into it A
Pound of Sweet Butter Knead it up with a
quarter of A Pint of Rose water the yolks
of Two Egg's halfe A Pint of Barme a little
bett Ginger lett it Rise an Houre then worke
into it 1 lb of curraway comfett's the oven must
not be too Hott an houre will bake itt
it must be put into a Round Tinn Puding
Pan A quarter and A half over wanting An

How To Make Cracknall's
Take one Pound of floure and as much
sugar finely searsed and 3 Eggs one white
left out A quarter of A Pound of Butter
2 spoonfulls of cariander Seeds Steept in
vinnegar and then dryed before the fire
and grosly beaten; mix with the former
Ingreadients; and so make it into A Paist
and then Roule them very thin and Run
them About with a Geging[?] Iron bake
them on Papers well floured and when
they are Allmost Enough take them out
and doe ym over with ye yolke of An
Egg beaten with Rose water and dry
them in the oven Againe, and soe
Keep them near the Fire

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