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To Make The Lady Strowds Cake
Take your flowr and putt it in A warme Oven all
night to dry wash and Pick clean 12 Pound of currans
and sett ym in ye oven with ye Floure when they are dryed
weigh Tenn Pound and A halfe of Flowre and putt it into
A large bowle and Putt to it A Pound of Almonds Blancht
And beaten with A little faire water to keep ym from
oyling Rub ym well into your Floure and putt in yr
Currans And 2 Nutmeggs grated and A Little cinamon
And mace Beaten and halfe A Pound Sugar beaten small
A quart of good Ale yest and 40 Eggs with halfe ye
Whits beaten very well togeather A Pint of Sack and
3 quarts of thick creame and three Pound of Butter
Sett your cream on ye fire and putt your butter into it
and lett it stand till ye butter be Allmost melted
then take it of and when it is blood warme putt it into
the other things and mix ym all well togeather yn lay
A cloth over itt and Sett it before the fire to rise
while the oven is A Sweeping yn take it up and stir
it well togeather, so putt it into your case or Hoope
wch must be very well buttered cutt it and Prick
it in severall Places to ye Bottome so sett it into
the Oven. when it is Baked pull of ye papers and Ice
it with fine Lofe Sugar beaten with ye Whits of Eggs
and Rose Water and if you Please. may grind A
little Musk with your Sugar, when it is Ised you must
sett it in ye oven till ye Ice be hardned ye oven must not
be too Hott
When you sett it into the Oven make
this marke in ye middle of ye cake, with
a knife down to the bottom it will hinder
it from hufing

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