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To Make Gousberry Wine
Take one Peck of Ripe gousberryes and
take 3 Gallon's of spring water boyle it and
Poure it hot on ye berryes lett them
Stand 3 Dayes and then Straine them through
a Pees of Flanell once or twice then Putt
to Every Gallon of Wine one Pound of Lofe
Sugar Putt ye Licquor 2 or 3 moneths to worke
then Bottle it close and lett it stand some
time before you drink itt

To Make Elderberry Wine
Take 4 Pecks of Berryes and Pick them stamp
and Streane ym yn to Every gallon of Juce add
3 Gallons of Water. Putt ye water to ye husks
lett ym stand all night to geather then straine
ym out of ye water and mix the Juce and
it togeather in A Pann and lett it boyle an
Houre before you Put in your Sugar; then
to every gallon of Licquor add 2 lb of Six
Penny Sugar [^1 [?] mace and cloves & Nutmegg] lett it boyle 1 houre after
when it is could take a Peece of Bread
and Toast it very Hard and cover it well
with yest on both sids Putt it into ye wine
and lett it work 2 Dayes then Tun it up
and when it hath done workeing Stop it
close and lett it Stand 6 weekes yn Bottle
it and Putt into Every Bottle A Lump of
dubble Refined Sugar cork ym close and Lett
ym stand 3 moneths before you drink it

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