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To Make White Jelly
Take a Calfes Feet Blanch them and cutt them
Asunder so take out the bloddy Strings and the
Fatt, wash yem untill all the blood be out of
them and lett them ly in water all night take
3 quarts of water and Seeth them Skiming it
very clean and as you see ye Fatt rise take it
off with A Spoon and when it is allmost halfe
boyled putt thereto A Pint of white Wine and
break A Stick of Cinamond in Small Peeces and
Putt into it and 2 Spoon fulls of Red Rose water
and when it will Jelly take it off the fire
and lett it run through A Jelly Bagg yn lett
it Stand till it be could ye next day if there be
any fatt on it take it off yn Putt your jelly in
A clean Pipkin and Sett it on ye fire and when
it is melted Putt thereto as much Sugar as you
think will Sweeten itt, take 6 whits of Eggs and
beat them well Putt therein A Spoonfull of white
wine vinnegar and beat ym Againe then take your
jelly from ye Fire and putt ye eggs into it and Stir
it well togeather yn cover ye Pott and Sett it over ye
Fire againe yn make ready yr Jelly bagg with A handfull
of feather's and A crop of Rosemary A Nutmegg cutt
in 4 Peeces halfe an ounce of cinamon and when you
see ye Jelly rise put it into your Bagg and So lett it
Run through 12 times near ye fire on ye one side
haveing A chafendish of coles on ye other; lett it be
clear and So lett it run into your fayre dishes
some clarrefie it before ye spices goe in, and Seeth
it a little with ye spices and clarrefie it after

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