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To Make White Leach an other Way
Take 2 quarts of new milk one ounce of Iseingglas
cutt small halfe an ounce of Cinamond and 3 nutmegs
sliced with 3 or 4 spriggs of Rosemary boyle all
these togeather untill it will jelly take 2 lb of Almond
bett with Rose water and so streaned into the
Above named things, strean all togeather through
a Streaner, Sweeten it with sugar to your taist
and stir it untill it be Almost cold it is very
strengthening and to be Eaten Eather warme or

To Make Sweet Water
Take A quart of Damask Rose water. Putt into it
Halfe an ounce of Benjamin As much Storax
beaten to A Fine Pouder musk and Amber-
grease as much as you Please. Stop ye Glass
very close and sett it in yee sunn 10 dayes shakeing
it well 2 or 3 times A Day.

To Make A Sack Possett
Take 10 eggs and leave out 5 whits beat ym very
well put ym into A Bason Sett ym by the fire to warme
and keep allwayes stiring them, putt to ym A Pint
of Sack A quarter of A Pound of Sugar Stiring ym
very well boyle 2 quarts of new milk with some whole
sinamond and A Slised nuttmeg when it is boyled
Putt in a quarter of A Pound of Sugar yn make your sack
and Eggs so hott as you can butt Endure your finger in
it and take your milk boyling from ye fire and stand on
A Stoule and hold it as high as you can and Pour it
into ye sack wch must stand on ye ground upon a chafen dish
of coles yn as soune as you have done you must cover it
very close and feel now and then with A Spoon, when
it is come you shall finde it thick doune to ye bottome
Keep it on A soft fire both befor and after ye milk is in

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