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To Make A Good Tansey
Take these hearbs Stroberry violett Primrose
Spinnage and Sorrell Leaves with a little Tansey grass
beat and Strean ym into A Pint of good Creame
Add ten yolk's of Eggs leave out 2 whits Season it
with nutmegg Sugar and Salt as you like itt, yn Putt in
Grated bread and make it just as thick as you doe
Blatter for Pancakes Beat all well togeather and So
Fry itt
To Make a Cream Cheese
Take 4 Ale quarts of milk yn Sett a Skellett of water
on ye fire and measure out 3 Pints of creame and when ye
Water is Scalding Hott take A Pint of it and putt to
the milk and then make your water boyle up yn take
A Pint and Putt it to ye rest yn [?] ye rest wch is A
quart of cream boyle'd up and Putt it to ye rest yn stir
it till it be blood warme, then putt in 2 spoon
fulls of remitt and when ye cheese is come Putt it into
A cloth without breaking ye Crud more yn needs must
yt ye Whay may drane out of itt but doe not crush
it putt it into ye Fatt in a Clean Cloth and yn putt
A Pound weight on itt, and chainge ye cloth within
three quarters of an Houre three or 4 Times yn lay
it in Nettles About A Weeke

To Make French Pufs
Take A quart of cruds 6 eggs with whits and yolks A pint
of floure and some salt and A little grated Nutmeg work ym
up togeather in balls About ye Bigness of Apples then rub
A sheet of Paper with Butter and lay them on itt
and soe bake ym for Halfe an houre and when
they are baked putt ym on A Dish with some Rose
water and Butter and sugar beaten well togeather
with ye Juce of A Leoman and So poured uppon

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